PACS 75.50.Pp, 78.20.Ls, 78.55.Et

Strong effect of magnetic field on the edge luminescence line width in diluted magnetic narrow-gap Hg1-xMnxTe

Yu. I. Mazur,

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS Ukraine, 45 prospekt Nauki, Kyiv, 252028, Ukraine

Abstract. Peculiarities of photoluminescence in narrow-gap Hg1-xMnxTe (0.09 < x < 0.11) under variation of both magnetic field and temperature are studied. A strong resonance enhancement of the edge emission and a narrowing of the line width to less than 2.5 meV were detected. The photoluminescence behaviour observed can be well described by the model of a magnetically trapped exciton.

Keywords: Infrared luminescence, Hg1-xMnxTe, exciton magnetic polaron.

Paper received 02.06.98; revised manuscript received 27.07.98; accepted for publication 27.10.98.

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