539.219.3; PACS 61.72; 71.55.

Theoretical approach to electrodiffusion of shallow donors in semiconductors:
I. Stationary limit

N. I. Kashirina, V. V. Kislyuk, M. K. Sheinkman

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS Ukraine, 45 prospekt Nauki, Kyiv, 252028, Ukraine
Phone/Fax: +044 265 63 40; E-mail: moishe@photel.semicond.kiev.ua

Abstract. Analysis is made for the possibility of redistribution of mobile point defects in a semiconductor after its exposure to the electric field till the stationary conditions in the crystal are reached. Two different ways of applying the voltage are considered: (i) directly to the sample, (ii) to a capacitor, with the sample located between the plates. This model is applicable also to the electric field of any nature, whether external or internal, e.g. that arisning at the metal-semiconductor interface.

Keywords: Electrodiffusion, CdS, mobile donors.

Paper received 14.07.98; revised manuscript received 25.08.98; accepted for publication 27.10.98.

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