PACS 72.20.Ht,42.65.Pc,78.66.-w

Switching-on and -off dynamics of MQW structures with bistable electro-optical absorption

V. A. Kochelap
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS Ukraine, 45 prospekt Nauki, Kyiv, 252028, Ukraine

L. L. Bonilla and C. A. Velasco
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Escuela Politcnica Superior, Butarque 15, E-28911 Legans, Spain

Abstract. In this work we have studied the dynamics of switch-on and switch-off processes in biased MQW structures where every well shows optical bistability in a light intensity range (Il ,Ih). We have analyzed in detail MQW structures with negligible inter-well transport. We have found that the switch-on mechanism consists of a time sequence where every QW jumps into the high-absorption state. Therefore a step-like switching wave propagates through the structure. The switch-off process resembles a reverse wave propagating in the opposite direction and step-like processes in the plasma concentration decay. These effects can be used for conversion of an analog optical signal to digital (optical and electrical) signal(s).

Keywords: optical bistability, multiple quantum well heterostructures

Paper received 08.05.98; revised manuscript received 25.06.98; accepted for publication 27.10.98.

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