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The undersigned hereby assign (s) to the Editorial Board of the Journal “Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics” copyright ownership in the above-titled paper, effective if and when the paper is accepted for publication by the Editorial Board and to the extent transferable under applicable national law.

Authors, or their employers in the case of works made for hire, retain an irrevocable, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to:

  1. reproduce and distribute the paper for personal or company use;
  2. prepare derivative works based on the paper, such derivative works may be included (but not limited) into lecture notes, theses, future papers, reviews, textbooks, or reprint collections;
  3. direct the Editorial Board to grant permission to third parties to copy or republish all or part of the article or translations thereof, with the exception of the permission contained in the copyright statement appearing in the front of the book or journal.

    In addition, authors/employers retain all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.

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