PACS: 72.20. J; 78.60. J

Exciton-enhanced recombination in silicon at high concentrations of charge carriers

A.V. Sachenko, A.P. Gorban, V.P. Kostylyov

Institute of Semiconductor Physics of NASU, 45, prospect Nauki, 03028, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. The interrelation between processes of electron-hole recombination and annihilation of excitons in silicon is examined. It is shown, that recombination processes can be essentially influenced by the exciton annihilation at high concentrations of non-equilibrium or equilibrium charge carriers. In n-type material a correlation between Shockley-Reed-Hall lifetime values and a square-law recombination coefficient is found. This correlation is explained in terms of assumption that both Shockley-Reed-Hall lifetime, and non-radiative exciton annihilation time constant responsible for a square-law recombination, are determined by the same deep level. It is stated, that the mentioned regularities should essentially affect the bulk lifetime values in n-type silicon at doping concentration exceeding 1016 cm-3.


Keywords: exciton-enhanced recombination, excitons in silicon.


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