PACS: 36.40. M, 61.66, 61.72. T, 68.65

Accumulation dynamics of oxygen clusters in silicon and formation of their nonhomogeneous distribution


Kiev T.Shevchenko University, Physics department, 6, Prospekt Glushkova, 02022, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. Kinetics of oxygen distribution variation and oxygen clusters (thermodonors) formation is considered and described by a system of nonlinear equations. Analytic solution is obtained for homogeneous nonstationary distribution of oxygen and its complexes.

It is shown that due to the interaction of oxygen interstitials and their complexes the homogeneous state becomes unstable at some conditions, and spatial periodical distribution develops. Its period lies in the range of 10-1000 .

Keywords: silicon, oxyden, complexes, interaction, nonhomogeneous distribution

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