PACS: 78.66

Theoretical investigation of light absorption and scattering by nanoparticles

S.I. Pokutnyi1 and V.V. Kovalchuk2

1 Educational and Research Center of the Odessa State University; Illichivsk 68001, Ukraine, vul. Danchenko, 17A;
Tel.: +04868 43 076
2 South Ukrainian State University; Odessa 65045, Ukraine, vul.Staroportofrankovskaya, 26; Tel.: +0482 24 35 70; E-mail:

Abstract. In the framework of the dipole approximation we predict theoretically high magnitudes of: (1) oscillator strength transitions, and (2) the resonance light cattering (sss(w, a)) and absorption (sabs(w, a)) cross-sections. We suggest that these pecularities can be observed experimentally. We discuss the dependence of sabs(w, a) and sss(w, a)) on light frequency w and radius a of the nanoparticle at different physical conditions.

Keywords: nanoparticles, absorption, scattering, spherical particles.

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