PASC 71.24.+q, 78.20.Ci, 78.66.Sq

Optical properties, form of granules and electronic parameters of binary Al/Cr composites

Shaykevich I.A., Kolesnyk P.V.

Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, Department of Physics
Tel. 266-2295, e-mail:
6, prospekt Glushkova, 04022,Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. Optical and structural properties of ultrathin binary Al/Cr composites were investigated in this paper. We ascertained that the samples did not have a long-range order, and their optical properties are defined by resonance of optical conductivity in granules as a result of collective electron oscillations induced by external light wave. The granules have spherical or ellipsoidal shape depending on value of substrate surface roughness. We have also established that the value of substrate roughness does not have an influence on granule sizes and is defined only by its shape. Studying electronic properties of Al and Cr (plasma frequency, concentration of charge carriers, effective free path of electrons, radii of granules) gave an opportunity to determine the features of conductivity in Al and Cr granules.

Keywords: binary composite, granule, absorption peak, roughness, electronic parameters.

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