Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2001. V. 4, N 1. P. 19-23.

PACS: 61.10.H, 61.16.C, 78.55, 78.60.F


Structural investigations of annealed
ZnS:Cu, Ga film phosphors

Lytvyn O.S., Khomchenko V.S., Kryshtab T.G.*, Lytvyn P.M., Mazin M.O.,
Prokopenko I.V., Rodionov V.Ye., Tzyrkunov Yu.A.

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 45, Pr. Nauky, 03028, Kyiv, Ukraine,
* Department of Material Sciences, ESFM-IPN, Mexico D. F. , Mexico,
** Design-and-Technology Bureau of ISP, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. X-ray and atomic force microscopy techniques were used for investigations of crystalline structure and nano-morphology of ZnS:Cu thin films. The films were deposited by electron beam evaporation on substrates of various types (glass, BaTiO3, silicon). New non-vacuum method of annealing was applied for improvement electro-physical parameters of ZnS:Cu based thin film electroluminescent devices. The annealing was carried out at the temperature of 850 °C. Ga co-doping was applied for the same structures in the course of the annealing process. It was shown that recrystallization process at annealing leads to improvement of ZnS:Cu films structural perfection without changes of crystal structure. This improvement provides tenfold increase of photo- and electroluminescence brightness and decrease of threshold voltage down to 10 V, as well as enhancement of device stability against degradation.

Keywords: X-ray, AFM, ZnS:Cu, phosphor thin films, annea­ling, electroluminescence.

Paper received 06.02.01; revised manuscript received 13.02.00; accepted for publication 16.02.01.


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