Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2001. V. 4, N 1. P. 70-73.


Using non-organic resist based on As-S-Se chalcogenide glasses for combined optical/digital security devices

S.A. Kostyukevycha, N.L. Moskalenkoa, P.E. Shepeliavyia, V.I. Girnykb,
I.V. Tverdokhleb
c, A.A. Ivanovskyc

aInstitute of Semiconductor Physics, Kiev 03028, Ukraine

bOptronics Ltd., Kiev 03127, Ukraine

cRadiophysical Dept., Kiev T. Shevchenko Univ., Kiev, Ukraine, 03187

Abstract. Modern holographic protective elements used as emblems against counterfeiting are being more complicated as they should oppress criminal world. 2D, 3D, 3D rainbow holograms or simple diffraction structures protecting documents can not be acceptable against illegal copying of important documents, bank notes or valuable products. Recent developments in technology of Optical variable devices permit world leaders to create more advanced security elements: Kinegrams™, Exelgrams™, Pixelgrams™, Kineforms™. These products are used for protecting the most confidential documents and bank notes, but now even their security level can not be enough, and besides their automatic identification is vulnerable to factors of instability. We elaborate new visual security devices based on the usage of expensive and advanced technology of Combined optical/digital security devices. The technology unites digital and analog methods of synthesis and recording Visual security devices. The analog methods include technique of optical holography - different combinations of 2D/3D, 3D, 2D/3D + 3D structures. Basing on them the design with elements of 3D graphic including security elements and hidden machine-readable images are implemented. The digital methods provide synthesis of Optical Variable Devices including special security elements, computer generated holograms and Kineforms™. Using them we create determined and quasi-random machine-readable images. Recording are carried out using the combined optical and electron-beam submicrometer technology. The results obtained show effectiveness of the combined technology permitting to increase the security level essentially that should increase tamper and counterfeit resistance for many years.

Keywords: visual security devices, combined security devices, optical diffraction devices, computer generated holograms, kineform, automatic identification systems, documents.

Paper received 29.01.01; revised manuscript received 14.02.01; accepted for publication 16.02.01.


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