Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2002. V. 5, N 1. P. 36-38.

PACS: 61.10.N, 61.66, 68.35.B

Divergent-beam X-ray structural studies of a disturbed surface layer in silicon plates
V.N. Tkach

V.N. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials, NAS of Ukraine, 04074 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (44) 432 9932; e-mail:

Abstract. A Kossel chamber for reflected-beam X-ray studying of single crystal surfaces has been developed on the basis of a BS-340 scanning electron microscope. We have examined the structure of a disturbed layer of silicon plates after chemico-mechanical polishing. The intensity of X-ray reflection from the lattice planes intersecting a polished surface of a plate characterizes the perfection degree of the disturbed layer, is of a periodic nature and exhibits a tendency to damp deep within the plate.

Keywords: Kossel diffraction, X-ray, structure, silicon.
Paper received 31.10.01; revised manuscript received 16.01.01; accepted for publication 05.03.02.

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