Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2003. V. 6, N 1. P. 73-75.

PACS: 78.66.Jg

Relaxation and thermoinduced processes in glassy HgSe(x)-GeSe2(1-x) alloys
V.V. Halyan, V.V. Bozhko

Department of Solid State Physics, Volyn State University, 13 Voli av., 43009 Lutsk, Ukraine

Abstract. Spectra of absorption in glassy HgSe(x)-GeSe2(1-x) (x = 42, 46, 54) alloys were studied. Sustained relaxation processes - a shift of the optical absorption edge to longer wavelength - were detected. Also observed was a thermoinduced reversible process when the absorption edge is shifted in the same direction after the samples have been annealed at 100 .

Keywords: glassy alloys, optical absorption, thermodarkening, relaxation process, metastable state.
Paper received 11.10.02; accepted for publication 18.03.03.

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