PACS: 61.72.Bb; 61.72.Ji; 61.72.Yx

Nucleation, growth and transformation of microdefects in FZ-Si
V.I. Talanin, I.E. Talanin*

Zaporozhye Institute of State & Municipal Government, 70B, Zhukovskii str., 69002 Zaporozhye, Ukraine
*Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy, 226, prospect Lenina, 69006 Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Fax: +380 (612) 601498

Abstract. The physical model of microdefects formation in dislocation-free FZ-Si single crystals is offered. Experimental results and theoretical data allows to approve that recombination between vacancy and self-interstitials at high temperatures is hampered by an entropy barrier. Established is that the process of microdefects formation in silicon proceeds simultaneously by two independent mechanisms: the vacancy and interstitial ones.

Keywords: microdefects, silicon, interstitial, vacancy.
Paper received 29.11.03; accepted for publication 30.03.04.

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