PACS: 61.72.Tt, 66.30.Lw

The simple approach to determination of active diffused phosphorus density in silicon
M. Sasani

Solid State Laser Division, Laser Research Center, AEOI, 11365-8486, Tehran, Iran

Abstract. The diffusion of Phosphorus in silicon using a POCl3 source has been considered. In the base of Fair-Tsai model of P-diffusion an empirical equation for calculation of active diffused phosphorus density (Qel), is proposed. In this equation, a relationship between (Qel), diffusion time, temperature and junction depth of P-diffused layer (Xj), is presented. The value of sheet resistance (Rs), which is taken from theoretical determination at 900C, has a good agreement with experimental result.

Keywords: phosphorus, silicon, diffusion, sheet resistance.
Paper received 11.11.03; accepted for publication 30.03.04.

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