PACS: 78.60.-b

Luminescence properties of KAlP
2O7 crystals doped with chromium ions
O.V. Gomenyuk*, S.G. Nedilko, N.V. Stus, O.V. Chukova

Kyiv National Taras Schevchenko University, 2, acad. Hlushkov Ave., block 1, 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. Luminescence properties of the KAlP2O7 crystals doped with the chromium ions were investigated. Luminescence spectra consist of two main bands: one of them lies in the blue-green spectral region and the other lies in the red spectral region. The maximum positions of the bands depend on the crystal composition and temperature of the samples. The blue-green band consists at least of three components. Complex structure of the blue-green broad band results from a superposition of matrix intrinsic radiation and emission of the distorted CrO4 2- groups, where chromium ions have 6+ ion charge. The red luminescence band and the narrow spectral lines observed for the chromium-doped KAlP2O7 crystals were assigned to electron transitions in the Cr3+ ions in octahedral oxygen surround. Structure peculiarities of the various types of the chromium luminescence centers formed in the investigated matrix are discussed.

Keywords: phosphate, aluminum, chromium, impurity ion, luminescence.
Paper received 19.11.03; accepted for publication 30.03.04.

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