PACS: 42.25.Gy; 42.50.Nn; 42.60.Da

Properties of optical microsensor based on observation of whispering-gallery modes
V.V. Datsyuk

Department of Physics, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, 01033 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (44) 2664477, E-mail:

Formulae for the intensity of the resonant spontaneous electric-dipole emission are derived in the framework of classical electrodynamics and quantum optics making allowance for inhomogeneous light absorption. Using these formulas, the physical backgrounds of a micrometer-sized optical sensor exploiting the properties of the whispering-gallery modes (WGMs) are studied. The role of the evanescent WGM's field in the considered optical effects is examined.
Keywords: whispering-gallery mode, morphology-dependent resonance, microlaser
Paper received 14.02.04; accepted for publication 30.03.04.

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