Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2008. V. 11, N 1. P. 011-015.

Using ellipsometry methods for depth analyzing the optical disc data layer relief structures
V.G. Kravets1, I.V. Gorbov2

1Institute for Information Recording, National Academy of Science of Ukraine 2, M. Shpaka str., 03113 Kyiv, Ukraine 1 Phone: (38-044) 454-21-19, fax: (38-044) 241-72-33, e-mail:
2 Phone: (38-044) 454-22-09, fax: (38-044) 241-72-33, e-mail:

Abstract. We studied the relief depth of the data layer formed in a glass disk by ion beam etching process with using classical ellipsometry at the constant wavelength 632.8 nm for different angles of incidence. It was found that for 0° and 90° azimuth angles, a pair of ellipsometric parameters Ψ and ∆ is sufficient to characterize the changes in light reflection for various structure depths. The depth of optical disc data layer relief structures was estimated via experimental dependences of ellipsometric parameters. The estimated data layer depths were found to be in good agreement with independent tunnelling electron microscopy measurements.

Keywords: data layer, optical disc, relief depth, ellipsometry, scatterometry, effective medium theory, effective refractive indices.

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