Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2011. V. 14, N 1. P. 041-050.

Degree of local depolarization determined for fields of laser radiation scattered by multilayer birefringentnetworks of protein crystals
Yu.A. Ushenko1, A.P. Angelsky2

1Chernivtsi National University, Department for Correlation Optics, 2, vul. Kotsyubins’kogo, 58012 Chernivtsi, Ukraine;
2Chernivtsi National University, Department for Optics and Spectroscopy, 2, vul. Kotsyubins’kogo, 58012 Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Abstract. Represented in this work are theoretical basics for description of fields created by scattered coherent radiation with using the new correlation parameter – degree of local depolarization (DLD). The authors have adduced data of measurements of coordinate distributions for DLD in laser images of healthy and pathologically changed skin of a rat. Investigated are the values and ranges of changes in statistical (moments of the first to fourth orders), correlation (correlation area) and fractal (slopes and dispersion of extremes of logarithmic dependences for power spectra) parameters of coordinate distributions for DLD. Defined are objective criteria for diagnostics of oncological changes in the structure of rat skin.

Keywords: laser, polarization, complex degree of coherency, birefringence, correlation, statistical moments, fractal.

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