Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2011. V. 14, N 1. P. 062-070.

X-ray study of dopant state in highly doped semiconductor single crystals
I.L. Shul’pina 1 , R.N. Kyutt 1 , V.V. Ratnikov 1 , I.A. Prokhorov 2 , I.Zh. Bezbakh 2 , M.P. Shcheglov 1

1Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS, Politekhnicheskaya 26, 194021 St.-Petersburg, Russia
2Space Materials Science Research Center of the Crystallography Institute RAS, Akademicheskaya 8, 248640 Kaluga, Russia E-mail:

Abstract. Using Si(As, P, B) and GaSb(Si) study, possibilities of X-ray diffraction methods for diagnostics of highly doped semiconductor crystals in characterization of dopant state – whether it is in the crystals in the form of solid solution or under various stages of its decomposition – are shown. The combination of techniques of X-ray diffraction topography and high resolution X-ray diffractometry, higher sensitive to the crystal lattice strain than that traditionally used is taken as the basis for investigating the crystals with slight and strong absorption of X-rays. These methods were supplemented with digital processing of the topographic images of growth striations and electrical measurements.

Keywords: microdefects, clusters, growth striations, X-ray topography, X-ray diffractometry.

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