Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2014. V. 17, N 1. P. 097-099.


Features of Auger-emission in channeling
I.A. Kossko, A.Ye. Denisov1

Institute for Problems of Materials Science, 3, vul. Krzhizhanovskogo, 03142 Kyiv, Ukraine
1Center for Nanotechnologies RT, 50, ul. Peterburgskaya, 420107 Kazan, Russia

Abstract. Shown in this paper is the influence of channeling effect on formation of the signal for low- and high-energy Auger-electrons observed in monocrystalline silicon. It has been ascertained the anisotropic (wave-like) character of the yield value for low- energy Auger-electrons in silicon, when changing the angle of acting initial radiation during sample rotation.

Keywords: Auger-electron, channeling, angular anisotropy.

Manuscript received 10.10.14; revised version received 20.02.14; accepted for publication 20.03.14; published online 31.03.14.

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