Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 21 (1), P. 73-79 (2018).

Influence of experimental parameters inherent to optical fibers on Quantum Key Distribution, the protocol BB84
L. Bouchoucha1, S. Berrah1, M. Sellami2

1Department of Electrical Engineering, LMER laboratory, Faculty of Technology Abd Rahman MIRA University of Bejaia, Algeria
2Center university of Tamnrasset, Algeria

Abstract. In this work, we represent the principle of quantum cryptography (QC) that is based on fundamental laws of quantum physics. QC or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) uses various protocols to exchange a secret key between two communicating parties. This research paper focuses and examines the quantum key distribution by using the protocol BB84 in the case of encoding on the single-photon polarization and shows the influence of optical components parameters on the quantum key distribution. We also introduce Quantum Bit Error Rate (QBER) to better interpret our results and show its relationship with the intrusion of the eavesdropper called Eve on the optical channel to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Keywords: cryptography, quantum key distribution, BB84 protocol, Qbit, quantum bit error rate.

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