Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 21 (1), P. 89-94 (2018).

Temperature studies of optical absorption in the sandwich structure based on (Ag3AsS3)0.6(As2S3)0.4 thin film and gold nanoparticles
I.P. Studenyak1,*, Z.R. Molnar1, M.M. Kutsyk1, V.Yu. Izai1, M. Kranjčec2, S. Kökényesi3

1Uzhhorod National University, Faculty of Physics, 3 Narodna Sq., 88000 Uzhhorod, Ukraine,
2Department of Civil Engineering, University North, 33 J. Križanića St., 642000 Varaždin, Croatia,
3Department of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Debrecen, 18/a Bem Sq., 4026 Debrecen, Hungary,
* E-mail:

Abstract. (Ag3AsS3)0.6(As2S3)0.4 thin films deposited using the thermal evaporation technique onto glass substrates previously covered with layers of gold nanoparticles were studied. Optical transmission spectra of the sandwich structure were studied within the temperature range 77…300 K. The absorption spectra in the region of its exponential behaviour were analyzed, the dispersion dependences of refractive index as well as the temperature dependences of the energy pseudogap and Urbach energy were investigated. The disordering processes in the sandwich structure were discussed. The comparative analyses of optical parameters in single (Ag3AsS3)0.6(As2S3)0.4 layer and in the sandwich structure were performed.

Keywords: thin film, gold nanoparticle, thermal evaporation, optical absorption, refractive index.

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