PACS 72.15.E, 72.20, 61.72.T, 72.80.C., 71.55.A

Electro-physical properties of g-exposed crystals of silicon and germanium

Yu. P. Dotsenko

Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 1999. V. 2, No 1. P47-55. Eng. Il.: 7. Ref.: 63

The paper represents a review of research data upon changing electrophysical properties of n-Si and n-Ge when radiation defects arise under action of different g-irradiation doses. Analyzed are consequences of arising deep levels of radiation defects in the forbidden band of silicon and germanium, which leads to the considerable increase of resistivity gradients caused by non-uniform compensation of shallow donor centers. In addition, considered are characteristics of radiation defects energy levels which determine both regularities of electrophysical properties changes and peculiarities of tensoeffects in g-irradiated crystals. It is noticed that neutron-doped n-Si (P) has larger radiation hardness in respect to g-irradiation as sompared to silicon doped with phosphorus in the course of crystal growth.

Keywords: radiation defects, g-irradiation, electron silicon, electron germanium, radiation hardness.

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