PACS 73.61, 85.30.M

Radiation hardness of AlAs/GaAs-based resonant tunneling diodes

A. A. Belyaev, A. E. Belyaev, R. V. Konakova, S. A. Vitusevich, V. V. Milenin, E. A. Soloviev,
L. N. Kravchenko, T. Figielski, T. Wosinski, A. Makosa

Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 1999. V. 2, No 1. P.98-101. Eng. Il.: 4. Ref.: 19

the total dose effects of 60Co g-radiation on the electrical properties of double-barrier Resonant Tunneling Diodes have been studied. The devices manifest enhanced radiation hardness and conserve their operating parameters up to doses of 2*109 rad. It is shown that all changes in the current-voltage characteristics stem from the effect of ionizing radiation on the undoped layers. The radiation-stimulated diffusion of the heteropair components in the contact region is shown to be important for the voltage drop distribution.

Keywords: resonant tunneling, g-irradiation, defects.

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