emiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 5 (2), P. 163-169 (2002)

Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2002. V. 5, N 2. P. 163-169.

PACS: 78.20.Bh, 78.40

Urbach’s edge of glassy HgSe-GeSe2 alloys: static disorder and temperature dependence of optical absorption

V.V. Bozhko1), V.V. Halyan1) , O.V. Parasyuk2)

1)Department of Solid State Physics, Volyn State University, 13 prospect Voli, 43009 Lutsk, Ukraine
E-mail: galyan@lab.univer.lutsk.ua
2)Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Volyn State University, 13 Voli av., 43009 Lutsk, Ukraine

Abstract. Results of investigations of spectral characteristics in the fundamental absorption range for the glass-like alloys HgSe - GeSe2 are represented. To explain the phenomenon of anomaly growth of the static disorder, the model of deforming tensions is discussed. The hypothesis concerning a sharp change of physical-and-chemical properties for the transition over the double eutectic point on the stable phase diagram of the HgSe - GeSe2 system with a changing glass-creating matrix is suggested.

Keywords: fundamental absorption, static disorder, glass-creating matrix.
Paper received 06.03.02; revised manuscript received 17.05.02; accepted for publication 25.06.02.

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