Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 22 (2), P. 165-170 (2019).

Effect of ultrasound treatment on the electro-physical properties of the structure of Al-Al2O3-p-CdTe
A.K. Uteniyazov, K.A. Ismailov

Berdakh Karakalpak State University Uzbekistan, Republic of Karakalpakstan, 742012 Nukus, Abdirov str., 1 E-mail:

Abstract. It has been shown that the density of surface states at the interface of the Al–Al2O3–p-CdTe–Mo structure is sufficiently low. It was found that at the interface being in the thermodynamically equilibrium state, there is a bend of the edge of the allowed bands, as evidenced by the values of the surface potential, which are equal to 0.17 eV before and 0.25 eV after treatment. It has been ascertained that the surface states in the lower half of the band gap are almost completely annealed. It has been shown that ultrasonic treatment significantly affects the fluctuations of surface charges at the interface and eliminates unstable point defects located in the surface layer of semiconductor. It has been established that the ultrasonic treatment has practically no effect on the patterns of current transfer both in the forward and reverse directions. It has been shown that after the ultrasonic treatment, the forward current increases by about 25…30%, and the reverse current decreases by 6…9%, the rectification coefficient increases by 1.4 times.

Keywords: ultrasonic treatment, film, Schottky barrier, diode structure.

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