Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 25 (3), P. 315-322 (2022).

Photodetector module of optoelectronic control systems for tracking the moving objects

E.E. Antonov, A.S. Lapchuk, V.V. Petrov, O.A. Tokalin, V.N. Zenin

Institute for Information Recording, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
2, Shpak str., 03113 Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. An algorithm has been developed for modelling the signals of four-plane photodetector, when moving an axisymmetric light spot along its surface. The form of direction-finding characteristics of photodetector has been calculated for different schemes of illumination of sensitive surface of the detector, which are used in optoelectronic automatic control systems, in particular in the motion control systems for tracking moving objects. Some samples of specialized focusing microprism devices with the distribution of light spot in the focal plane as a central circle with a light ring at its periphery, which are made using diamond micro-cutting based on our simulation results, have been experimentally investigated.

Keywords: four-plane photodetector, microprismatic structure, direction-finding characteristics, modelling plane-focusing optics.

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