Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 22 (4), P. 437-443 (2019).

The very compact and efficient speckle suppression device for laser picoprojector
I.V. Gorbov, O.V. Prygun, A.V. Pankratova, I.V. Kosyak, T.Yu. Kliuieva

Institute for Information Recording of NAS of Ukraine, 2, Shpak str., Kyiv 03113, Ukraine E-mail:

Abstract. The original, simple and efficient speckle suppression method has been proposed for laser picoprojector. The method uses simple 1D DOE structure on flexible film roll up in loop for speckle suppression. The structure of 1D DOE is based on binary pseudorandom sequences. It almost does not require energy and volume and can decrease speckle noise bellow human eye sensitivity. The compact and simple construction of picoprojector using this simple method has been presented. The experimental data confirm high efficiency of the proposed method. However, the obtained results of speckle suppression efficiency are not optimal and can be significantly improved by increasing DOE quality and optimization of DOE structure.

Keywords: laser projector, speckle, speckle suppression, diffractive optical element.

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