The first issue of this journal is devoted to the 80th
Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Since the very first years of the Academy’s existence, a prominent role was played by natural sciences, particularly, physics and material sciences. Theoretical and experimental studies in the field of solid state physics and optics were greatly intensified in early 30’s, when the Institute of Physics, which was already conducting research on semiconductor physics and engineering, became part of the Academy. Departments of semiconductor and theoretical physics of this institute gave rise to a new institute, which was founded in 1960. At that time, Institute of Semiconductor Physics focused its research mainly on the theory of semiconductors, photoelectrical, optical, and galvanomagnetic phenomena, surface science, radiospectroscopy and chemistry of semiconductors. It was the first institute in the former Soviet Union which started working in the field of optoelectronics.

Now Ukraine has a great scientific and technical potential in the domain of semiconductor physics, optoelectronics, quantum electronics, semiconductor materials and devices. A valuable contribution to thes branches of science and engineering has been made by the well-known institutes working under the Academy’s auspices: Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Institute of Physics, Institute of Materials Science Problems, Institute of Single Crystals, Institute of Metal Physics, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Physical and Technical Institute, Institute of Nuclear Research, Institute of Electron Physics, etc. All these institutions work in close collaboration with a great number of universities and research centers in this country and abroad.

In our opinion, the topics of most current importance are semiconductor physics, quantum and hetero-structures, electronic materials, linear and nonlinear solid-state optics, quantum electronics, optoelectronics and optoelectronic devices, sensors. They are to become the focus of our journal.

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