Volume 1 (1998) Author Index (pdf 50K)



International Scientific Journal


The first issue of this journal is devoted to the 80th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

(7) Capacitance spectroscopy of InAs self-assembled quantum dots
P. M. Martin, A. E. Belyaev, L. Eaves, P. C. Main, F. W. Sheard, T. Ihn, M. Henini

(13) Photosensitive porous silicon based structures
S. V. Svechnikov, E. B. Kaganovich, E. G. Manoilov

(18) (M, N)-exponential model in the theory of excitons
V. N. Piskovoi, Ya. M. Strelniker

(33) Strong effect of magnetic field on the edge luminescence line width in
diluted magnetic narrow-gap Hg1-xMnxTe

Yu. I. Mazur

(41) Theoretical approach to electrodiffusion of shallow donors in semiconductors: I. Stationary limit
N. I. Kashirina, V. V. Kislyuk, M. K. Sheinkman

(45) Characteristics of interface corrugations in short-period GaAs/AlAs superlattices
L. Daweritz, H. Grahn, R. Hey, B. Jenichen, K. Ploog, D. Korbutyak, S. Krylyuk, Yu. Kryuchenko, V. Litovchenko

(50) Switching-on and -off dynamics of MQW structures with bistable electro-optical absorption
V. A. Kochelap, L. L. Bonilla and C. A. Velasco

(57) Multimodal size distribution of Si nanoclusters in SiO2 as manifestation of interaction in the space of sizes
I. V. Blonskiy, B. I. Lev, M. Ya. Valakh

(61) Effect of the desorption process on photoluminescence excitation spectra of porous silicon
T. V. Torchinskaya, N. E. Korsunskaya, L. Yu. Khomenkova, B. R. Dzhumaev,
A. Many, Y. Goldstein, E. Savir

(66) Electroreflectance spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy study of microrelief silicon wafers with various surface pretreatments
T. Ya. Gorbach, R. Yu. Holiney, I. M. Matiyuk, L. A. Matveeva, S. V. Svechnikov, E. F. Venger

(71) Crystallization kinetics of Ge22Sb22T56 doped with Se and Ni
E. Garsia-Garsia, M. Yanez-Limon, Y. Vorobiev, F. Espinoza-Beltran, and J. Gonzalez-Hernandez

(75) Distribution of components in epitaxial graded band gap heterostructures Cd(Mn, Zn)Te Cd(Mn, Zn)HgTe and their photoelectrical properties
O. I. Vlasenko, V. M. Babent1sov, Z. K. Vlasenko, A. V. Ponedilok, I. V. Kurilo,
I. O. Rudyj, V. V. Kremenitskiy

(82) Optical vortices and the flow of their angular momentum in a multimode fiber
A. N. Alexeyev, T. A. Fadeyeva, A. V. Volyar, M. S. Soskin

(90) Switching waves in asymmetric thyristor-like structures for incomplete gate turn off regime
Z. S. Gribnikov, I. M. Gordion, and V. V. Mitin

(101) High-temperature characteristics of zone-melting recrystallized silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs
V. S. Lysenko, T. E. Rudenko, A. N. Nazarov, V. I. Kilchitskaya, A. N. Rudenko, A. B. Limanov, J.-P. Colinge

(108) SIMS study of deuterium distribution and thermal stability in ZMR SOI structures
A. Boutry-Forveille and D. Ballutaud, A. N. Nazarov

(112) Electrophysical haracteristics of LEDs based on GaN epitaxial films
P. Ph. Oleksenko, G. A. Sukach, P. S. Smertenko, S. I. Vlaskina, A. B. Bogoslovskaya, I. O. Spichak, D. H. Shin

(116) Microscopic parameters of a stochastic system and variance of physical quantity (ideal gas, electric current, thermal radiation of a black body)
E. A. Salkov

(121) A biosensor approach to probe the structure and function of the adsorbed proteins: fibrinogen at the gold surface
B. A. Snopok, K. V. Kostyukevych, O. V. Rengevych, Yu. M. Shirshov, E. F. Venger, I. N. Kolesnikova, E. V. Lugovskoi