Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2009. V. 12, N 1. P. 072-076.

Bi2Te3-хSex <Ag> (х = 0.04) nanocrystal formation
F.K. Aleskerov1, S.K. Kahramanov1, М.М. Asadov2,*, K.S. Kahramanov1

1Production Association, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
2Institute of Chemical Problems, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences AZ 1143 Baku, G. Javid av., 29

Abstract. The results of experimental researches dealing with formation of nanometric- size doped (Ag) layers on the surface (0001) between Te (1) –Te (1) telluride quintet layers in Bi 2 Te 3-х Se x 〈Ag〉 (х = 0.04) crystals under directed crystallization has been submitted. During the crystal growth as result of impurity diffusion along a surface (0001), accumulation, redistribution and nanocrystal formation between Te (1) –Te (1) layers occur. By the method of atomic-force microscopy, the Bi 2 Te 3-х Se x 〈Ag〉 crystal images with nanolayers were obtained. Being based on experimental data, the fractal dimension of nanocrystalline layers was estimated.

Keywords: nanomaterial, low-dimensional structure, atomic-force microscopy.

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