Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2010. V. 13, N 1. P. 058-060.

Photoluminescent properties of crystalline solid solution Zn1-xMgxSe:Cr2+, a new active material for tunable IR lasers
N.O. Kovalenko, Yu.A. Zagoruiko, O.O. Fedorenko, E.A. Kuzminov

Institute for Single Crystals STC “Institute for Single Crystals”, NAS of Ukraine 60, Lenin Ave., 61001 Kharkiv, Ukraine Phone: 38(057) 341-03-49; е-mail:

Abstract. Considered in this work are the luminescent properties of new active material Zn1-xMgxSe:Cr2+ for tunable IR lasers. Measured in Zn0.25Mg0.75Se:Cr2+ is the spectrum of IR luminescence excitation, and shown is the possibility of excitation in the visible spectral range. It is established that the luminescence band maximum is shifted by approximately 200 nm in comparison with that of ZnSe:Cr2+. Presented are the measured time characteristics of photoluminescence excited in the visible (550 nm) and IR (1800 nm) spectral regions.

Keywords: ZnMgSe, solid solution, active media, IR luminescence, laser.

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