Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2012. V. 15, N 1. P. 026-031.

Influence of γ-irradiation (60Со) on the concentration and mobility of carriers in Ge and Si single crystals of n-type
G.P. Gaidar

Institute for Nuclear Researches, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 47, prospect Nauky, 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine; e-mail:

Abstract. The influence of γ-irradiation (60Co) (within the dose range 1x106 ≤ D ≤ 8x107 R) on the concentration and mobility of major carriers in germanium and silicon has been investigated. In the oxygen-containing samples of n-Ge<As> and n-Si<P>, and in the compensated crystals of n-Si, the mobility is shown to grow anomalously with the irradiation dose in the region of combined scattering of carriers. Proposed in this paper is the model based on accounting partial neutralization of charge of scattering centers by charge of radiation defects produced mainly around the scattering centers. This model qualitatively explains the experimental data.

Keywords: germanium, silicon, γ-irradiation, Hall effect, carrier mobility, electron concentration, combined scattering.

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