Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 23 (2), P. 136-140 (2020).

Rotation of a thin heated plate caused by its own coherent thermal radiation
V.I. Pipa, A.I. Liptuga

V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 41, prospect Nauky, 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine E-mail:

Abstract. Presented in this paper are the results of theoretical studying the rotational motion of a heated solid-state plate under action of its coherent asymmetric thermal radiation. Thin plane-parallel plates are considered as objects, in which the coherence of thermal radiation is due to the interference effects. Time dependences of the plate rotation angle have been calculated under conditions that the plate temperature is kept constant as well as in the mode of its radiation cooling. It has been shown that the coherence of thermal radiation can lead to that the rotation and cooling rates of a plate with a certain thickness can exceed the corresponding values not only for thicker plates, but for thinner ones as well. The numerical calculations have been performed for crystalline plates with the temperature 350 K and the ambient one 300 K.

Keywords: coherent thermal radiation, photon recoil, rotation of a thin plate, radiative cooling of the plate.

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