Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 24 (2), P. 160-165 (2021).

Embedded solitons with Χ(2) and Χ(3) nonlinear susceptibilities
Y. Yildirim1, A. Biswas2,3,4,5, S. Khan1, M.R. Belic6

1Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
Near East University, 99138 Nicosia, Cyprus
2Department of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics,
Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL 35762–4900, USA
3Department of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah–21589, Saudi Arabia
4Department of Applied Mathematics, National Research Nuclear University,
31 Kashirskoe Hwy, Moscow–115409, Russian Federation
5Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,
Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Medunsa–0204, South Africa
6Science Program, Texas A&M University at Qatar, PO Box 23874, Doha, Qatar

Abstract. GStudied in this work are embedded solitons with quadratic nonlinearity that includes the effect of spatio-temporal dispersion. Two integration schemes yield bright, dark, singular and combo singular soliton solutions from the continuous regime. The existence criteria for these solitons are also included.

Keywords: Χ(2) and Χ(3) nonlinearities, embedded solitons.

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