Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2007. V. 10, N 1. P. 101-105.

Entropic potential as manifold for the reduced entropy representations in superconductivity
Z. Bousnane1, M. Benslama2, N. Merabtine2,

1Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Batna, 05000 Algeria
2Electromagnetism and Telecommunication Laboratory, Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Constantine, 25000 Algeria Corresponding author:

Abstract. The “cold” causes superconductivity phenomenon, as a measurement process generating a phase transitions of the second order, and also permitting the rise of phenomenological parameters, but not allowing the stability of such behaviour, we will have to write this stability to be supported by a new kind of value as an entropic potential which learns the systems how to display over all possible microconfigurations, and the systems by their faculties to increase their standard entropies, dictate the form of this potential, this will be written as a recursive operatorial equations. The picture of such potential is interference between thermodynamical length scales of entropies, it seems as a world of different undetermination orders, if a given variational principle is put down, it will transit over several definitions. The representation of the entropic potential as a group transformation linking different temperature thermodynamical length scales as described by L. Landau will suggest that among considerations brought on propagation of order parameter carving the recursive stationary state. Concerning the stability conditions, a context of matrices description will be proposed, as managing the fact that superconductor, is superconductor per pavement, and the matrixes notations, is determining the interaction between order parameters as “Heredity” concerning dimensions, orientations and a mixed subinteraction, where equivalently dimensions and orientations are mutually excluded each other. The beginning of emergence of this value is rooted when combinatory formulation of matter, is taken in the order of measurement process with eigen results, corresponding to normalised macroscopicity levels. The asymptotic expression for the entropic potential, will be expressing a physical situation defining that, deflections are collected by a variational principle brought on the Landau length coherence. The introduction of covariant, contravariant and mixed current density matrices will establish the limit, according which the reproducible recursive configurations is only obtained by triplication of a combined fundamental states.

Keywords: entropic potential, entropy, thermodynamical length scales, super- conductivity.

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