Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 20 (2), P. 173-178 (2017).

In–HgCdTe–In structures with symmetric nonlinear I–V characteristics for sub-THz direct detection
N.I. Kukhtaruk1, V.V. Zabudsky1, A.V. Shevchik-Shekera1, N.N. Mikhailov2, F.F. Sizov1

1Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 41, prospect Nauky, 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine E-mail:
2Institute of Semiconductor Physics, SB of the RAS, 13, Lavrentiev av., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia E-mail:

Abstract. This paper reports on the development and investigations of In–Hg1–xCdxTe–In structures with symmetric nonlinear I–V curves that are sensitive to sub-terahertz radiation. It is shown that at low currents photoresponse of the detectors based on these structures is due to the presence of potential barriers at the contacts. The dependences of the photoresponse as the function of the bias current are measured at the radiation frequency  = 140 GHz in 77–300 K temperature range. The studied structures may be used as the detectors of sub-terahertz radiation at room temperature or under weak cooling. The calculated NEP of investigated In–n-Hg0.61Cd0.39Te–In detectors was 3.5•10–9 W/Hz1/2, if taking into account thermal and shot noise.

Keywords: indium–mercury cadmium telluride–indium structures, sub-THz detectors, current-voltage characteristics.

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