Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 24 (3), P. 255-260 (2021).

Formation of complexes consisting of impurity Mn atoms and group VI elements in the crystal lattice of silicon
K.А. Ismailov1, X.M. Iliev2, M.O. Tursunov3, B.K. Ismaylov2

1Karakalpak State University, Uzbekistan, Nukus,
2Tashkent State Technical University,
100095, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Universitetskaya str., 2,
3Termez State University,
190111, Uzbekistan, Termez, Barkamol avlod str., 43

Abstract. Formation of complexes of impurity Mn atoms with impurity atoms of group VI elements (S, Se, Te) in the silicon crystal lattice has been studied. It has been experimentally found that formation of electrically neutral molecules with an ionic-covalent bond between Mn atoms and group VI elements takes place, which possibly leads to formation of new Si2BVI++Mn binary unit cells in the silicon crystal lattice. It has been shown that in the samples Si<S, Mn>, Si<Se, Mn> and Si<Te, Mn>, an intense complex formation occurs at the temperatures 1100, 820 and 650°C, respectively.

Keywords: silicon, electrically neutral molecule, diffusion, thermal annealing.

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