Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. 2007. V. 10, N 3. P. 070-074.

Influence of elastic strains on LPE growth kinetics in the Cd–Hg–Te system
P.P. Moskvin1, L.V. Rashkovetsky2, V.V. Khodakovsky1

1Zhytomyr State Technological University 103, Chernyakhovsky str., 10005 Zhytomyr, Ukraine E-mail:
2V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine 45, prospect Nauky, 03028 Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. By comparing the results of calculations concerning the dependence of the parameters of a layer on the growth conditions with and without regard for mechanical strains in the growing system, we have analyzed the influence of the elastic energy of the strained solid phase on the phase formation in the Cd–Hg–Te system. It is shown that the occurrence of elastic strains in a layer results in an insignificant reduction of the growth rate and has almost no influence on the composition of a growing layer. The ideas of coherently matched phases in the presence of elastic deformations in the system, as well as the assumption about the existence of the chemical equilibrium of phases on the inter- face, give rather close results as for the crystallization of the material. Both approaches describe the experimental data on the growth of layers in various temperature-time regimes quite satisfactorily.

Keywords: A2B6 semiconductors, LPE, elastic strains.

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