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International Scientific Journal


(5) Exciton-enhanced recombination in silicon at high concentrations of charge carriers
A.V. Sachenko, A.P. Gorban, V.P. Kostylyov

(11) Microfluctuations of oxygen impurity concentration as a reason of accelerated oxygen diffusion in silicon
V.B. Neimash, O.O. Puzenko, A.M. Kraitchinskii, M.M. Kras'ko, S.Putselyk, C. Claeys, E. Simoen

(15) Ultrasound effect on radiation damages in boron implanted silicon
B. Romanjuk, D. Krüger, V. Melnik, V. Popov, Ya. Olikh, V. Soroka, O. Oberemok

(19) Accumulation dynamics of oxygen clusters in silicon and formation of their nonhomogeneous distribution

(22) Development and optical characteristics of the macroporous silicon structures
L.A. Karachevtseva, O.A. Lytvynenko, O.J. Stronska

(26) Modification of photoelectric and electrical properties of III-V semiconductors by pulsed laser irradiation
V. A. Gnatyuk, O. S. Gorodnychenko, P. O. Mozol, O. I. Vlasenko

(31) Laser – induced donor centers in p -InSb
L. Fedorenko, A. Medvid

(35) Effect of thermal neutron irradiation on the electrophysical and photoelectric properties of Hg 0.8 Cd 0.2 Te crystals
I.S. Virt, V.V. Gorbunov

(39) Luminescence and photoconductivity of poly-n-epoxypropylcarbazole with intramolecular charge transfer compounds
N.A. Davidenko, N.G. Kuvshinsky, V.G. Syromiatnikov

(45) AFM study of micromorphology and microscopic growth mechanisms of Hg 1-x Cd x Te LPE epitaxial layers
G.V. Beketov, L.V. Rashkovetskiy, O.V. Rengevych, G.I. Zhovnir

(52) Infrared detectors: outlook and means
F. F. Sizov

(59) Biochemical passivation of metal surfaces for sensor application: reactive annealing of polycrystalline gold films in hydrogen sulfide atmosphere
B. A. Snopok , K. V. Kostyukevych, G.V. Beketov, S.A. Zinio, Y. M. Shirshov, E.F. Venger, S.V. Veriovka

(69) Theoretical investigation of light absorption and scattering by nanoparticles
S.I. Pokutnyi, V.V. Kovalchuk

(77) Optical properties, form of granules and electronic parameters of binary Al/Cr composites
I.A. Shaykevich, P.V. Kolesnyk

(82) Science and technology excimer laser complex and examples of its applications
S.M. Baschenko, I.V. Blons‘kiy.

(91) Strain effect in surface acoustic wave elements with a piezoelectric acoustic line and sensors based on this effect
Ya.I. Lepikh

(94) Diffraction of optical beams by a half-plane
S. Anokhov, A. Khizhnyak, R. Lymarenko

(102) Residual error after non-uniformity correction
V.N. Borovytsky

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