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International Scientific Journal


(7) Optically controlled 2D tunnelling in GaAs delta-doped p-n junction
S. A. Vitusevich , A. Forster, A. E. Belyaev, B. A. Glavin, K. M. Indlekofer, H. Luth, R.V. Konakova

(11) Amplification of localized acoustic waves by the electron drift in a quantum well
A. A. Demidenko, V. A. Kochelap

(25) Light absorption by d-dimensional organic semiconductors under exciton transitions between broad bands
N. I. Grigorchuk

(31) Saturation of optical absorption in CdS single crystals
N. I. Malysh, V. P. Kunets, S. I. Valiukh, Vas. P. Kunets

(35) Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy
in narrow - gap Hg1 -x-y Cd x Mn y Te

Yu. I. Mazur

(42) Electron-enhanced reactions responsible for
photoluminescence spectrum change in II-VI compounds

N. E. Korsunskaya, I. V. Markevich, B. R. Dzhumaev, L. V. Borkovskaya, M. K. Sheinkman

(47) Electro-physical properties of g-exposed crystals of silicon and germanium
Yu. P. Dotsenko

(56) Structure perfection variations of Si crystals grown by Czochralski or floating zone methods after implantation of oxygen or neon atoms followed by annealing
L. I. Datsenko, J. Auleytner, A. Misiuk, V. P. Klad'ko, V. F. Machulin, J. Bak-Misiuk, D. Zymierska, I. V. Antonova, V. M. Melnyk, V. P. Popov, T. Czosnyka, J. Choinski

(62) Effect of annealing on activation of native acceptors in narrow-gap p -HgCdTe crystals
V. V. Bogoboyashchiy

(70) Influence of pulse thermal annealing on photoelectrical properties of locally grown polycrystalline silicon films
V. M. Mamikonova, F. D. Kasimov, G. P. Kemerchev

(76) Investigation of structural perfection of SiC ingots grown by a sublimation method
S. F. Avramenko, V. S. Kiselev, M. Ya. Valakh, V. G. Visotski

(80) Dissolution of indium arsenide in nitric solutions
of the hydrobromic acid

Z. F. Tomashik, S. G. Danylenko, V. N. Tomashik

(84) ENDOR study of irradiated tooth enamel
S. Ishchenko, I. Vorona, S. Okulov

(93) Silicon-on-insulator technology for microelectromechanical applications
A. Y. Usenko, W. N. Carr

(98) Radiation hardness of AlAs/GaAs-based resonant
tunneling diodes

A. A. Belyaev, A. E. Belyaev, R. V. Konakova, S. A. Vitusevich, V. V. Milenin, E. A. Soloviev, L. N. Kravchenko, T. Figielski, T. Wosinski, A. Makosa

(102) IR sensor readout devices with source input circuits
F. F. Sizov, V. P. Reva, Yu. P. Derkach, Yu. G. Kononenko, A. G. Golenkov, S. V. Korinets, S. D. Darchuk, D. A. Filenko

(111) Image formation properties of As40S20Se40 thin layers in application for gratings fabrication
A. V. Stronski, M. Vlcek, P. E. Shepeliavyi, A. Sklenar, S. A. Kostyukevich

(115) Resistance thermometers based on the germanium films
V. F. Mitin

(124) Heat tolerance of titanium boride and titanium nitride contacts to gallium arsenide
Ye. F. Venger, V. V. Milenin, I. B. Ermolovich, R.V. Konakova, D. I. Voitsikhovskiy, I. Hotovy, V. N. Ivanov

(133) Iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser pumped by transverse rf-discharge
O. V. Boyko, A. M. Negriyko, L. P. Yatsenko

(142) Influence of temporal parameters of laser irradiation on emission spectra of the evaporated material
E. Zabello, V. Syaber, A. Khizhnyak

(147) Characteristics of thermal lens induced in active rod of cw Nd:YAG laser
A. Khizhnyak, G. Galich, M. Lopiitchouk

(153) Thermoelasticity in Ge due to nonuniform distribution of doping impurity studied by light polarization modulation technique
B. K. Serdega, E. F. Venger, E. V. Nikitenko

(157) Influence of absorption level on mechanisms of Bragg-diffracted x -ray beam formation in real silicon crystals
V. P. Klad'ko, D. O. Grigoriev, L. I. Datsenko, V. F.Machulin, I. V. Prokopenko