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International Scientific Journal

(5) Electronic band structure and magnetic susceptibility of Ge1-xSix solid solutions
V.G. Deibuk, S.I. Shakhovtsova, V.A. Shenderovski, V.M. Tsmots

(9) Urbach's rule peculiarities in structures with CdSXSe1-X nanocrystals
V.P. Kunets, N.R. Kulish, Vas. P. Kunets, M.P. Lisitsa

(16) Atomic and electronic structure of a-SiC
V.I. Ivashchenko, V.I. Shevchenko

(25) Influence of g-irradiation on photoluminescence spectra of CdTe:Cl
N.D. Vakhnyak, S.G. Krylyuk, Yu.V. Kryuchenko, I.M. Kupchak

(31) Properties and application of ultrasonic Lamb waves in CdXHg1-X Te plates
I.O. Lysiuk, V.F. Machulin, Ya.M. Olikh

(36) Divergent-beam X-ray structural studies of a disturbed surface layer in silicon plates
V.N. Tkach

(39) Interface roughness induced intrasubband scattering in a quantum well under an electric field
G.B. Ibragimov

(42) Instability of homogeneous composition of highly strained quantum wells in heterostructures GaAs/InxGa1-x As/GaAs
A.I. Klimovskaya, N.N. Grigor'ev, E.G. Gule, Yu.A. Dryha, V.G. Litovchenko

(46) Current flow mechanisms in p-i-n structures based on cadmium telluride
P.M. Gorley , M.V. Demych, V.P. Makhniy, Zs. J. Horvath, V.A. Shenderovsky

(51) Production and investigation of Cu/thin intermediate tunnel-transparent dielectric oxide layer/ n-Pb 0.935 Sn 0.065 Te 0.243 Se 0.757 /In Schottky barrier structures
A.I. Tkachuk, O.N. Tsarenko, S.I. Ryabets

(58) On origin of rapid portion of luminance-voltage dependneence of ZnS:Mn TFEL devices and its aging behavior
N.A. Vlasenko, Z.L. Denisova, Ya.F. Kononets, L.I. Veligura, M.M. Chumachkova, Yu.A. Tsyrkunov, E.L. Soininen, R.O.Tornqvist K.M. Vasame

(63) III-V material solar cells for space applications
T.V. Torchynska, G. P. Polupan

(71) Silicon carbide LED

(76) Study of supercapacitors with a double electrical layer based on activated carbon materials
I.M. Budzulyak, Z.D. Kovalyuk, F.V. Motsnyi, V.B. Orletskyi

(78) Dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of sputtered PZT thin films on Si substrates: influence of film thickness and orientation
T. Haccart, E. Cattan, D. Remiens

(89) Thin film PZT-Si structure with quadrant-diagonal electrode system as an element of position sensitive pyroelectric detector
S.L. Bravina, E. Cattan, N.V. Morozovsky, D. Remiens

(95) Reststrahlen spectroscopy of MgAl2O4 spinel
N.N. Boguslavska, E.F. Venger, N.M. Vernidub, Yu.A. Pasechnik, K.V. Shportko

(101) Borophosphosilicate glass component analysis using secondary neutrals mass spectrometry (SNMS)
O. Oberemok, P. Lytvyn

(106) Multilevel computer-generated holograms for reconstructing 3-D images in combined optical-digital security devices
V.I. Girnyk, S.O. Kostyukevych, P.Ye. Shepeliavyi, A.V. Kononov , I. S. Borisov

(115) Allowable deviation of LC layer thickness in cholesteric LCDs
A. Rybalochka, V. Sorokin, A. Sorokin

(119) Static realization of reliable positional indication
A.V. Bushma, G.A. Sukach

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