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International Scientific Journal


(119) Diluted magnetic A1-xMnxB semiconductors
V.P. Bryksa, G.G. Tarasov, W.T. Masselink, W. Nolting, Yu. I. Mazur, G. J. Salamo

(129) Properties of CdTe thin films prepared by hot wall epitaxy
Ye.O. Bilevych, A.I. Boka, L.O. Darchuk, J.V. Gumenjuk-Sichevska, F.F.Sizov, O. Boelling, B. Sulkio-Cleff

(133) Simulation of electronic states in the band gap for ZnS: Cu, Cl crystallophosphors
N.D. Savchenko, T.N. Shchurova, K.O. Popovych , I.D. Rubish, G. Leising

(138) Photon Green's functions theory for Coulomb correlated quantum well lasers
M.F. Pereira Jr.

(141) A T-matrix many-particle theory for coherently coupled superlattice optics
T. Schmielau, M.F. Pereira Jr., K. Henneberger

(147) RHEED digital image analysis system for in-situ growth rate and alloy composition measurements of GaAs-based nanostructures
H. Sghaier, L. Bouzaiene, L. Sfaxi, H. Maaref

(154) Passivation of silicon surface by ultrathin dielectric film in M/Si/nematic/ITO structures
M.I. Gritsenko, S.I. Kucheev, P.M. Lytvyn

(157) Composite film structures containing ZnS, CdS nanoparticles prepared by MOC pyrolysis at low temperatures
G.S. Svechnikov, L.V. Zavyalova, N.N. Roshchina, I. V. Prokopenko, L.I. Berezhinsky, V.S. Khomchenko,
O.S. Litvin

(161) Optical study of thermally induced phase separation in evaporated SiOx films
I.Z. Indutnyy, I.P. Lisovskyy, D.O. Mazunov, P.E. Shepeliavyi, G.Yu. Rudko, V.A. Dan'ko

(168) "Multicoloured" superradiance in quantum heterostructures
O.O. Pikaruk, A.I. Klimovskaya, Yu.A. Driga, E.G. Gule

(171) Investigation of nanophase separation in IR optical glasses As40Se60 using resonant Raman scattering
N. Mateleshko, V. Mitsa, M. Veres, M. Koos, A. Stronski

(175) Current instabilities in resonant tunnelling diodes based on GaN/AlN heterojunctions
A.E. Belyaev, C.T. Foxon, S.V. Novikov, O. Makarovsky, L. Eaves, M.J. Kappers, J.S. Barnard, C.J. Humphreys, S.V. Danylyuk, S.A. Vitusevich, A.V. Naumov

(180) Influence of high hydrostatic pressure on energetic structure and electron-lattice coupling of transition metal and rare earth related centers in solids
M. Grinberg, J. Barzowska, W. Gryk

(185) Growth and linear optical properties of CuCl nanocrystals
S. Mahtout, M.A. Belkhir, M. Samah

(190) Laser-induced non-linear light scattering in a suspension of black-body particles
S.E. Zelensky

(195) Some features of polarization modulation in spectroscopy of optical and photoelectric effects
S.V. Kondratenko, I.A. Matyash, B.K. Serdega

(199) Ellipsometric control of quality of polished MgF2 optical ceramics
V.P. Maslov, A.Z. Sarsembaeva, F.F. Sizov

(202) Portable three-wavelength standard for an energy unit of pulse laser radiation
J. Owsik, A. Zarwalska, Ja. Janucki, V.B. Samoylov

(207) Multisensor systems for gas analysis: optimization of the array for the classification of the pharmaceutical products
I.V. Kruglenko, V.A. Snopok, Yu.M. Shirshov, F.J. Rowell

(217) Polymeric compositions having near IR photoconduction
N.A. Davidenko, N.G. Kuvshinsky, D.A. Melenevsky, N.A. Derevyanko, A.A. Ishchenko, A.V. Kulinich, O. Neilands, M. Plotniece

(222) Sensor based on a non-ideal heterojunction to indicate X-ray images
V.A. Smyntyna, V.A. Borschak, M.I. Kutalova, N.P. Zatovskaya, A.P. Balaban

(224) Erratum: to the paper “Influence of elastic deformation on the residual ellipticity of polished optical materials”
V.P. Maslov, A.Z. Sarsembaeva, F.F. Sizov, published earlier in the Vol. 6, No 4, pages 514-516