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International Scientific Journal


(227) Solid solutions of CdxHg1xTe : V : Mn, CdxHg1xTe : Ti : Mn (x = 0.9 0.95): growth and properties
S.Yu. Paranchych, Yu.V. Tanasyuk, V.R. Romanyuk, O.S. Romanyuk, V.M. Makogonenko, M.D. Andriychuk, S.V. Synylo, Yu.I. Ivonyak

(231) The influence of ion implantation by phosphorous on structural changes in porous silicon
Z. Swiantek, I. Lytvynchuk, I. Fodchuk

(236) Mathematic modeling of oxygen distribution mechanism in Si ingots during growing processes
A.P. Oksanich, S.E. Pritchin, A.V. Vasheruk

(240) Radiation-stimulated relaxation of internal mechanical straines in homoepitaxial GaP films
P.A. Gentsar, A.A. Kudryavtsev

(243) Raman spectra and electron microscopic investigations of the sections of modified As2S3 glasses
N. Mateleshko,V. Mitsa, E. Borkach

(247) Spectrum of electron-hole pair in quantum dots of a semiconductor nanolaser: theory
S.I. Pokutnyi

(251) Partial polarization switching in ferroelectrics-semiconductors with charged defects
A.N. Morozovska, E.A. Eliseev

(263) Peculiarities and asymmetry of polarization reversal in Pt/PZT-film/Pt:Ti/SiO2/Si-substrate structures in pyroelectric response investigations
S.L. Bravina, E. Cattan, N.V. Morozovsky, D. Remiens

(272) Effect of pulse thermal treatments on the Ni(Ti)n-21R(6H)-SiC contact parameters
S.P. Avdeyev, O.A. Agueev, R.V. Konakova, Ya.Ya. Kudryk, O.S. Lytvyn, P.M. Lytvyn, V.V. Milenin, D.A. Sechenov, A.M. Svetlichny, S.I. Soloviev, T.S. Sudarshan

(279) Theory of free-carrier absorption in the presence of a quantizing magnetic field in quasi-one-dimensional quantum well structures
G.B. Ibragimov

(283) Optical intersubband transitions in quantum wires with an applied magnetic field
G.B. Ibragimov

(287) Ellipsometry examination of copper alloys with transitive metals

Y.V. Filipov, V.S. Staschuk, L.V. Poperenko, V.V. Vovchenko

(291) Optical properties of dielectric layers with CeO2
T.V. Semikina

(297) Structure dependence of CsI(Tl) films scintillation properties
A. Ananenko, A. Fedorov, A. Lebedinsky, P. Mateychenko, V. Tarasov, Yu. Vidaj

(301) On the nature of the fine structure in emission spectra of Xe Cl laser
I.V. Blonskyy, A.V. Gnatovskyy, N.G. Zubrilin, I.A. Pavlov, M.P. Chernomorets

(304) Possibility of a laser action under electrochemical excitation in a cell with multilayer working electrode
D.A. Vasyanovitch, Y.T. Zholudov, N.N. Rozhitskii

(309) Liquid crystal modulator in the channel of a laser projection microscope
P. Oleksenko, V. Sorokin, R. Zelinskyy

(313) Approximation of electro-optical hysteresis characteristics of ChLC
A. Rybalochka, M. Chumachkova, V. Sorokin

(318) Gold and colloidal gold surface induce DNA conformation change
G.I. Dovbeshko, O.P. Gnatyuk, V.I. Chegel, Y.M. Shirshov, D.V. Kosenkov, E.A. Andreev, H.A. Tajmir-Riahi, P.M. Lytvyn

(326) The effect of structural-kinetic features of hologram formation on holographic properties of photopolymers
T. Smirnova, O. Sakhno, S. Lozenko

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