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International Scientific Journal


(333) Effects of LO-phonon confinement on electron mobility in GaAs-Al0.45 Ga0. 55As superlattice
D. Abouelaoualim

(339) Galvanomagnetic phenomena in HgMnTe and HgCdMnTe single crystals
S.E Ostapov, I.M. Rarenko, M.D. Tymochko

(343) All-optical signal processing in photonic structures with shifting bands.
E.Ya. Glushko

(350)The change in optical characteristics of ZnO crystals under ruby laser irradiation
I.V. Markevich, V.I. Kushnirenko, A. Baidullaeva, B.M. Bulakh, P.V. Pobirovskiy

(355) Designing bandpass filters in 8-14 for Si and Ge substrates
M.H. Asghar, M.B. Khan, S. Naseem

(360) Electrical and photoelectrical properties of n -InSe/ p -CuInSe 2 optical contact
Z.D. Kovalyuk, O.M. Sydor, V.V. Netyaga

(363) Obtaining heterostructures with quantum dots for sensors by using liquid phase epitaxy
I.E. Maronchuk, A.M. D'yachenko, A.I. Minailov, V.V. Kurak, I.V. Chorny

(368) Active layer semi-insulating substrate interface effect on GaAs MESFET components
M. Belgat, N. Merabtine, M. Zaabat, C. Kenzai, Y. Saidi

(372) Research of structures with corrugated photoreceiving surface
A.V. Karimov, D.M. Yodgorova

(377) Features of epitaxial layer growth of films from solutions based on indium and aluminum arsenides
D.M . Yodgorova , A.V. Karimov

(380) Emission recombination in BiI3(Mn) and BiI3(Cr) layered single crystals
F.V. Motsnyi, V.G. Dorogan

(384) Development and investigation of LC light shutters for automatic welding mask
Yu. Kolomzarov, P. Oleksenko, V. Sorokin, P. Tytarenko, R. Zelinskyy

(389) Accurate numerical modelling of GaAs MESFET current-voltage characteristics
N. Merabtine, S. Khemissi, M. Zaabat, M. Belgat, C. Kenzai

(395) Radiations effects on electronic circuits in a spatial environment
N. Merabtine, M. Benslama, A. Benslama, Dj.Sadaoui

(400) Paramagnetic defects related to photoluminescence in SiOx films
G.Yu. Rudko, I.P. Vorona, I.Z. Indutnyy, Ishchenko S.S., Shepeliavyi P.E., Yukhymchuk V.O.

(404) On the Wannier exciton 2D localization in hydrogen intercalated InSe and GaSe layered semiconductor crystals
Yu.I. Zhirko, I.P. Zharkov, Z.D. Kovalyuk, M.M. Pyrlja, V.B. Boledzyuk

(411)The enhancement of optical process near rough surface of metals
G.I. Dovbeshko, O.M. Fesenko, Y U .M. Shirshov, V.I. Chegel

(425) Photoelectrical characteristics of two-dimensional macroporous silicon structures
L.A. Karachevtseva, V.F. Onischenko, M.I. Karas', O.I. Dandur'yants, F.F. Sizov, O.J. Stronska

(430) Two-dimensional photonic crystals as perspective materials of modern nanoelectronics
L.A. Karachevtseva

(436) Photoluminescence characterization of Al/Al2O3/InP MIS structures passivated by anodic oxidation
A. Djelloul, A. Mahdjoub, H. Bouredoucen

(441) Spectra of the photo-electric phenomena physically differentiated on the absorption factor of the light
L.I. Berezhinsky, E.F. Venger, I.E. Matyash, B.K. Serdega

(446) Recording of high efficiency diffraction gratings by He-Cd laser
S . A . Kostyukevych , A . N . Morozovska , P . E . Shepeliavyi , O . O . Kudryavtsev , S . V . Dyrda , V . I . M inko , V . M . Rubish , V . V . Rubish , I . V . Tverdokhleb

(452) Chemical dynamic polishing of CdTe and CdxHg1-x Te single crystals by the solutions of the H2O2-HCl-tartaric acid system
Z.F. Tomashik, E.M. Lukiyanchuk, V.M. Tomashik

(456) Optical and acoustical phonon modes in superlattices with SiGe QDs
V.O. Yukhymchuk, V.M. Dzhagan, V.P. Klad'ko, O.S. Lytvyn, V.F. Machulin, M.Ya. Valakh, A.M. Yaremko

(462) Nano-size phase inclusions in As2S3glass, films and fibers based on it
N. Mateleshko, V. Mitsa, A. Stronski, M. Veres, M. Koos, A.M. Andriesh

(465) Tunable high-finesse narrow bandpass Fabry-Perot filter
V.B. Markov, A.I. Khizhnyak, V. Goren, W.B. Cook

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