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International Scientific Journal


(271) Diffusion model of defect formation in silicon under light ion implantation
M.V. Voznyy, P.M. Gorley, V.A. Schenderovskyy

(275) Comprehensive investigation of defects in highly perfect silicon single crystals
I.V. Prokopenko, E.N. Kislovskii, S.I. Olikhovskii, V.M. Tkach, P.M. Lytvyn, T.P. Vladimirova

(282) About the nature of diffusion anisotropy in CdS crystals
L.V.Borkovskaya, B.R.Dzhumaev, L.Yu. Khomenkova, N.E.Korsunskaya, I.V.Markevich, M.K. Sheinkman

(287) Thermoelectric properties of solid solutions based on tin telluride
D.M. Freik, M.O. Galushchak, I.M. Ivanishin, V.M. Shperun, R.I. Zapukhlyak, M.V. Pyts

(291) Interface model of low temperature plasticity in high uniaxially strained monocrystalline semiconductors
Ye.F. Venger, V.V. Kolomoets, V.F. Machulin

(295) Hot wall growth and properties of lead telluride films doped by germanium and gallium
G.V. Lashkarev, M.V. Radchenko, E.I. Slynko, V.N. Vodopiyanov, V.V. Asotsky, V.M. Kaminsky, G.V. Beketov, E.V. Rengevich

(300) Paraelectric properties of PbTe doped with Ga
V. Tetyorkin, S. Movchan

(304) Acoustodynamic transformation of the defect structure in Hg 1-x Cd x Te alloys
Y.M. Olikh, R.K. Savkina, O.I. Vlasenko

(308) Physical mechanism for temperature oscillations of ferroelectric ceramics conduction
Ya.I. Lepikh

(311) Melt instabilities on semiconductor surfaces induced by laser radiation
A.Yu. Bonchik, B.J. Dacko, V.I. Demchuk, S.G. Kiyak, I.P. Palyvoda, A.F. Shnyr

(316) Polarization operator of phonons in quadratic approximation
N.I. Grigorchuk

(322) Effect of excitons on photoconversion efficiency in the p + - n - n + - and n + - p - p + -structures based on single-crystalline silicon
A.P. Gorban', A.V. Sachenko, V.P. Kostylyov, N.A. Prima

(330) Effect of the charge state of traps on the transport current in the SiC/Si heterostructure
V.S. Lysenko, I.P. Tyagulski,
Y.V. Gomeniuk, I.N. Osiyuk

(338) Thermoelastic stresses and defect production in semiconductor-insulator structures at isothermic heating
O.A. Agueev and A.M. Svetlichnyi

(343) Structural and composition irregularities in GaAs:Si/GaAs films grown by liquid-phase epitaxy
V.P. Klad'ko, L.I. Datsenko, Z.V. Maksimenko, O.S. Lytvyn, I.V. Prokopenko, Z. Zytkiewicz

(349) Photopleochroism of surface-barrier structures based on semiinsulating cadmium telluride
G.A. Ilchuk

(352) Contacts for silicon IMPATT and pick-off diodes
N.S. Boltovets, N.M. Goncharuk, V.A. Krivutsa, V.E. Chaika, R.V. Konakova, V.V. Milenin, E.A. Soloviev, M.B. Tagaev, D.I. Voitsikhovskyi

(359) Microwave diodes with contact metallization systems based on silicides, nitrides and borides of refractory metals
N.S. Boltovets, V.V. Basanets, V.N. Ivanov, V.A. Krivutsa, A.V.Tsvir, A.E. Belyaev, R.V. Konakova, V.G. Lyapin, V.V. Milenin, E.A. Soloviev, E.F. Venger, D.I. Voitsikhovskyi, V.V. Kholevchuk, V.F. Mitin

(371) Properties and application of the unequal thickness two-component interference systems
I.V. Fekeshgazi, V.Yu. Pervak, Yu.A. Pervak

(379) Simulation of incoherent radiation absorption in 3C-, 6H- and 4H-SiC at rapid thermal processing
O.A. Agueev, A.M. Svetlichny, S.I. Soloviev

(383) Optical properties of thin gold films
S.A. Kovalenko, R.D. Fedorovych

(389) Dispersion of natural modes in a many-layer planar system
A.V. Goncharenko, B.A. Snopok, Yu.M. Shirshov, E.F. Venger, S.N. Zavadskii

(394) Photoinduced structural changes in As 100-x S x layers
A. Stronski, M. Vleek, A. Sklenao

(400) Non-ohmic Mott conductivity and thermometric characteristics of heavily doped silicon structures
Yu.M. Shwarts, A.V. Kondrachuk, M.M. Shwarts, L.I. Shpinar

(406) Simple waveguide model of arbitrary filled plane-plane cavity
S. Anokhov

(410) Borate single crystals for polyfunctional applications: production and properties
B.V. Grinyov, M.F. Dubovik,
A.V. Tolmachev

(420) Luminescence and radiation-induced defects in Li 2 B 4 O 7 :Eu single crystals
M.F. Dubovik, A.V. Tolmachev, B.V. Grinyov, L.A. Grin', E.F. Dolzhenkova, M.V.Dobrotvorskaya

(423) EPC sensitization with polymethine dyes: 1. Squarylium dyes of indole row as efficient sensitizers for red region of optical spectrum
M.Yu. Bazhenov, P.I. Golod, V.V. Grabovskyy, V.V. Kurdyukov, A.I. Tolmachev, A.Ya. Il'chenko, N.I. Sokolov, G.Zahaykevich

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