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International Scientific Journal


(427) Piezoelectrically active acoustic waves confined in a quantum well and their amplification by electron drift
A.A. Demidenko, V.A. Kochelap, E.F. Venger

(432) Generation of coherent confined acoustic phonons by drifting electrons in quantum wire
A.A. Demidenko, V.A. Kochelap

(438) Investigations of surface morphology and micro-relief of GaAs single crystals by complementary methods
D. Zymierska, J. Auleytner, N. Dmitruk

(445) Polarization properties of the luminescence from silicon nanocrystals
J. Diener, D. Kovalev, G. Polisski, F. Koch

(449) The features of magnetoresistance of n-Si doped with phosphorus from the melt and by nuclear transmutation
P.I. Baranskii, V.M. Babich, E.F. Venger, Yu.P. Dotsenko

(453) The influence of non-uniform deformation on photoelectric properties of crystalline silicon
O.V. Vakulenko, S.V. Kondratenko

(456) Structural changes in molten CdTe
L. Shcherbak, P. Feychuk, Yu. Plevachuk, Ch. Dong and V. Sklyarchuk

(460) Growing Cd0.25Hg0.75Se layers by laser evaporation in static vacuum
B.N. Gritsook, I.M. Fodchoock, S.V. Nichiy, U.S. Paranchich, R.L. Politanskiy

(463) Oscillator regularity of the trap activation energies in NaCl crystals
A.F. Gumenjuk , S.Yu. Kutovyi and V.A. Kurilova

(469) Heat flux effect on photoenhanced and dark silver motion in a thin As2S3 layer
A.A. Kudryavtsev, E.V. Michailovskaya

(474) Electron field emission from laser produced silicon tip arrays
A.A. Evtukh, E.B. Kaganovich, V.G. Litovchenko, Yu.M. Litvin, D.V. Fedin, E.G. Manoilov, S.V. Svechnikov

(479) Solar cells based on multicrystalline silicon
V.G. Popov

(489) Image infrared converters based on ferroelectric- semiconductor thin-layer systems
A. Sosnin

(496) Metal-dielectric black matrix for display devices Chang Won Park, Joon-Bae Lee, Young Rag Do Petro Shepeliavyi, Kateryna Michailovs'ka, Ivan Indutnyy, Oleksandr Kudryavtsev

(500) Spin-orbit interaction in a generic vortex field transmitted through an elliptic fiber
C.N. Alexeyev, M.S. Soskin, A.V. Volyar

(514) Dimensional effects in thin gold films
S.A. Kovalenko

(520) Characterization and optical properties of organic dye films as recording media
V.G. Kravets, K.L. Vinnichenko, O.V. Prygun

(523) Advanced modification of main types of excimer laser cavities
S.M. Baschenko

(529) Digital aroma technology for chemical sensing: temporal chemical images of complex mixtures
I.V. Kruglenko, B.A. Snopok, Y.M. Shirshov, E.F. Venger

(542) Thermostable power sensors for transmitted continuous radiation of CO- and CO2- lasers
Yu.A. Zagoruiko, N.O. Kovalenko, O.A. Fedorenko

(545) Quantum-chemistry calculation of BnNn-rings ( n = 16) and fulborenes, the fullerene-like molecules BnNn ( n = 12, 24, 60)
D. M. Sheichenko, A. V. Pokropivny, V.V. Pokropivny

(550) Lattice of superconducting multilayer nanotubes as ideal high-temperature superconductor
Vladimir V. Pokropivny, Ivan M. Makarov, Alex V. Pokropivny

(554) Simulation of low angle X-ray diffraction on multilayers subjected to diffusion
A.G. Fedorov

(558) New ideas in electrodynamics: physical properties of time
V.P. Oleinik, Yu.C. Borimsky, Yu.D. Arepjev

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