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International Scientific Journal

(231) Influence of annealing the silicon crystals at 1200°C on the Hall effect and magnetoresistance
P.I. Baranskyy, G.P. Gaydar, P.G. Litovchenko

(235) Investigation of electron correlation effect on energy spectrum of two-electron systems in crystals with strong electron-phonon coupling
N.I. Kashirina, V.D. Lakhno, V.V. Sychyov

(243) Total energy, equation of states and bulk modulus of Si and Ge
A.R. Jivani, P.N. Gajjar, A.R. Jani

(247) The effect of strain on the thermodynamic properties of Ge-Si, Ge-Sn, Si-Sn, Si-C thin solid films
V.G. Deibuk, Yu.G. Korolyuk

(254) Deep-level defects in CdSe/ZnSe QDs and giant anti-Stokes photoluminescence
M.Ya. Valakh, Yu.G. Sadofyev, N.O. Korsunska, G.N. Semenova, V.V. Strelchuk, L.V. Borkovska, M.V. Vuychik, M.Sharibaev

(258) Effect of neutron irradiation and doping level on defect structure formation in gallium arsenide crystals
M.S. Seitmuratov, V.P. Klad'ko, O.I. Gudymenko, L.I. Datsenko, I.V. Prokopenko

(261) The mechanisms of current passage and excitation of electroluminescence in GaSe:Er single crystals
B.G. Tagiyev, R.S. Madatov, F.Sh. Aydayev, T.M. Abbasova

(264) Photo-enchanced defect reactions in CdS:Ag crystals
L.Yu. Khomenkova, I.V. Markevich

(268) Dynamics of photoinduced instability in ferroelectric photorefractive crystals caused by space recharging trap waves
A.N. Morozovska, V.V. Obukhovsky, V.V. Lemeshko

(284) Study of non-reversible photostructural transformations in As40S60-xSex layers applied for fabrication of holographic protective elements
A.V. Stronski, M.Vlcek, S.A. Kostyukevych, V.M. Tomchuk, E.V. Kostyukevych, S.V. Svechnikov, A.A. Kudryavtsev, N.L.Moskalenko, A.A. Koptyukh

(288) Modeling optical spectra and obtaining information on parameters and features of semiconductor structures
V.Ā. Vasiljev

(294) Optical size effects in thin gold films
S.A. Kovalenko, Ė.P. Lisitsa

(300) Influence of surface dimensional effects and interband transitions on light absorption in aluminium
L.Yu. Målnichenko, B.B. Titarchuk, I.A. Shaykevich

(303) Electric and photophysical properties of holographic and electroluminescent media based on amorphous molecular semiconductors
A.J. Al-Kadhimi, N.A. Davidenko, N.A. Derevyanko, A.A. Ishchenko, N.G. Kuvshinsky, V.A. Pavlov

(307) Holographic interferometry as a method to study conformational changes in macromolecules
Y. Barabash, V. Kharkyanen, M. Zabolotny, N. Sokolov

(312) Many-Body theory of all-optical quantum well logic gates
M.F. Pereira, M. Prado, R. Sampaio

(316) Characterization of MOS structure using low - k dielectric methylsilsesquioxane with evaporated and sputtered aluminium gate
K.C. Aw, K. Ibrahim

(319) A free-space alignment technique for active optical waveguide components
A. Karim

(322) Effect of mechanical stress on operation of diode temperature sensors
V.L. Borblik, E.F. Venger ,Yu.M. Shwarts

(328) Investigation of the effect of technological parameters on efficiency of chemical string cutting of semiconductor materials
M.Yu. Kravetsky, S.A. Sypko, A.V. Fomin

(332) Balance model for contactless chemo-mechanical polishing of wafers
N.N. Grigoriev, M.Yu. Kravetsky, G.A. Paschenko, S.A. Sypko, A.V. Fomin

(337) Growth kinetics of PbS nanocrystals in organo-metallic Langmuir-Blodgett films studied by optical absorption spectroscopy
Yu.N. Savin

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