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International Scientific Journal

(343) High-efficient up-conversion of photoluminescence in CdSe quantum dots grown in ZnSe matrix
V.V. Strelchuk, M.Ya. Valakh, M.V. Vuychik, S.V. Ivanov, P.S. Kop'ev, T.V. Shubina

(347) Alloy scattering in quantum well wire structures of semiconductor ternaries
G.B. Ibragimov

(353) Analysis of the near-band-edge luminescence of semiconductors containing isolated and bound shallow acceptors and donors
K.D.Glinchuk, A.V. Prokhorovich

(362) Scattering mechanisms of electrons in monocrystalline PbTe, PbSe and PbS
D.M. Freik, L.I. Nykyruy, V.M. Shperun

(368) Concentration anomaly of heat capacity in PbTe based solid solutions
E.I. Rogacheva, N.A. Sinelnik, I.M. Krivulkin

(373) Temperature dependences of SnTe linear expansion coefficient
E.I. Rogacheva, V.P. Popov, O.N. Nashchekina

(378) Polyassociative thermodynamical model of A2B6 semiconductor melt and P-T-X equilibria in Cd-Hg-Te system: 1. Phase equilibria in initial two-component systems. Hg-Te system
P.P. Moskvin, L.V. Rashkovets'kyi, S.V. Kavertsev, G.I. Zhovnir, A.O. Ruden'kyi

(385) Polarization properties and a local structure of (GeSe2)x(Sb2Se3)1-x glasses
V.I. Malesh, V.V. Rubish, I.I. Shpak, V.M. Rubish, P.P. Puha

(391) Effect of microwave radiation on optical transmission spectra in SiO2/SiC structures
Yu.Yu. Bacherikov, R.V. Konakova, E.Yu. Kolyadina, A.N. Kocherov, O.B. Okhrimenko, A.M. Svetlichnyi

(395) Photoelectric properties of metal-porous silicon-silicon planar heterostructures

A.V. Brodovoi, V.A. Brodovoi, V.A. Skryshevskyi, S.G. Bunchuk, L.M. Khnorozok

(398) Noise in HgCdTe LWIR arrays
F.F. Sizov, A.G. Golenkov, V.V. Zabudsky, V.P. Reva

(403) On a doped transition layer in the space charge region of Schottky contact
L.V. Shekhovtsov

(406) Method of low-temperature rise of laser diode quality
A.M. Kamuz, P.Ph. Oleksenko, O.A. Kamuz, V.G. Kamuz

(412) Investigations of characteristics of metal film based pyroelectric detectors implanted by Ar+ ions
V.O. Lysyuk, L.V. Poperenko, V.S. Staschuk

(417) Influence of Mn and Cr impurities on quasi-surface exciton states of BiI3 layered single crystals
V.G. Dorogan, V.O. Zhydkov, F.V. Motsnyi

(420) Growth conditions influence on thermally stimulated luminescence of sapphire single crystals
I.V. Blonskyy, A.Yu. Vakhnin, A.Ya. Danko, A.K. Kadashchuk, V.N. Kadan, N.S. Sidelnikova, V.M. Puzikov, Yu.A. Skryshevskii

(425) Laser- and g-induced optical absorption of indium-doped sodium-borate glasses
A.V. Kopyshinsky, B.A. Okhrimenko, S.E. Zelensky, B.O. Danilchenko, O.P. Shakhov

(428) Modified optical OR and AND gates
A. Srinivasulu

(431) Correlation method for pattern recognition
P.V. Yezhov, A.V. Kuzmenko, V.A. Komarov

(434) Investigation of synthesis peculiarities inherent to computer-generated holograms of 3D images
V.I. Girnyk, S.A. Kostyukevich, P.E. Shepeliavyi, A.V. Kononov, I.S. Borisov

(442) Control circuits for LED positional indicator
A.V. Bushma, G.A. Sukach, L.A. Mischenko

(449) A universal automated complex for control and diagnostics of semiconductor devices and structures
R.V. Konakova, O.E. Rengevych, A.M. Kurakin, Ya.Ya. Kudryk

(453) Conductivity of sandwich-structures based on dye-doped photoconducting and non-photoconducting polymer films
N.A. Davidenko, N.A. Derevyanko, L.I. Fenenko, A.A. Ishchenko, G.P. Olkhovik, P.S. Smertenko

(457) Evolution of structural and electrophysical parameters of Ni/SiC contacts at rapid thermal annealing
V.L. Litvinov, K.D. Demakov, O.A. Agueev, A.M. Svetlichny, R.V. Konakova, P.M. Lytvyn, O.S. Lytvyn, V.V. Milenin

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