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International Scientific Journal

(249) Study of postimplantation annealing of SiC
S.F. Avramenko, V.S. Kiselev, B.N. Romanyuk, M.Ya.Valakh

(253) Some features of transverse photovoltage in semiconductor heterostructure and Schottky contact
L.V. Shekhovtsov

(260)Degenerate four-wave mixing in n-Ge due to intervalley redistribution of hot electrons
V.M. Vasetskii, V.N. Poroshin, V.A. Ignatenko

(264) Behaviour of manganese impurity in b-ZnP2
M. Kakazej, A. Kudin, M. Pinkovs’ka,

(273) Density of heavy hole states of Hg1-xCdxTe in an isotropic nonparabolic approximation by exact measurements of electron concentration
V.V. Bogoboyashchyy

(278) Investigations of impurity gettering in multicrystalline silicon
A.A. Evtukh, V.G. Litovchenko, A.S. Oberemok, V.G. Popov, Yu. V. Rassamakin, B.N. Romanyuk, S.G. Volkov

(283) The impact of laser shock waves on anodic oxide – compound semiconductor interface
V.S. Yakovyna, N.N. Berchenko, Yu.N. Nikiforov

(287) Hopping conductivity in GaSe monocrystals at low temperatures
A.M. Pashayev, A.R. Gadjiyev, T.B. Tagiyev, T.M. Abbasova

(290) Investigation of ArF* excimer laser VUV radiation action on sapphire
S.M. Baschenko, K.S. Gochelashvili, R.M. Zakirov, V.I. Klimov, V.T. Mikhkelsoo, O.M. Prokhorov

(298) Ordering of lateral nonuniformity of TiBx film and transition layer in the TiBx-GaAs system
R.V. Konakova, V.V. Milenin, D.I. Voitsikhovskyi, A.B. Kamalov, E.Yu. Kolyadina, P.M. Lytvyn, O.S. Lytvyn, L.A. Matveeva, I.V. Prokopenko

(301) Experimental investigations and computer modelling of the photochemical processes in Ag-As2S3 structurs using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
V.I. Chegel, Yu.M. Shirshov, S.O. Kostyukevich, P.E. Shepeliavy, Yu.V. Chegel

(307) The influence of heating temperature and sizes of components upon stresses and defect formation in semiconductor structures under isothermal heating
O.A. Agueev, A.M. Svetlichny

(313) Optical and protective properties of different type diamond and diamond-like carbon films
T.V. Semikina, A.N. Shmyryeva

(318) Comprehensive studies of defect production and strained states in the silicon epitaxial layers and device structures based on them
N.S. Boltovets, D.I. Voitsikhovskyi, R.V. Konakova, V.V. Milenin, V.A. Makara, O.V. Rudenko, M.M.Mel’nichenko

(323) Influence of phonon dispersion on exciton damping in ionic crystals
N.I. Grigorchuk

(331) Microwave-induced optical non-linearity of amino acid crystals
L.I. Berezhinsky, G.I. Dovbeshko, V.V. Obukhovsky

(337) Features of optical properties of ferromagnetic semiconductors with dynamic laser-induced gratings
O.Yu. Semchuk, R.Z. Veskliarskii, K.G. Kosharskii

(343) SPR-spectroscopy of protein molecules adsorbed in microwave field
L.I. Berezhinsky, V.I. Chegel’, Yu.M. Shirshov, G.I. Dovbeshko, O.V. Melnichuk

(347) Optical transmittance of 2D macroporous silicon structures
L.A. Karachevtseva, O.O. Lytvynenko, E.O. Malovichko, O.J. Stronska, E.V.Busaneva, O.D. Gorchinsky

(352) Thickness dependences of optical constants for thin layers of some metals and semiconductors
S.A. Kovalenko, M.P. Lisitsa

(358) Dynamics of photoinduced instability in ferroelectric photorefractive crystals
A.N. Morozovska, V.V. Obukhovsky, V.V. Lemeshko

(375) Electrooptical properties of liquid crystal n-pentil-n,-cyanobifenil with J-aggregates of astrofloxine
Yu.P. Piryatinski, M.S. Furier, V.G.Nazarenko

(383) New method of apertured electromagnetic field modeling
S. Anokhov, A. Khizhnyak, R. Lymarenko

(389) Group delay investigation of N-order chirping mirrors
V.V. Lysak, I.A. Sukhoivanov, S.I. Petrov

(391) Raman scattering of light in biaxial monocline b-ZnP2 crystals
V.O. Gubanov, V.D. Kulakovs’kij, R.A. Poveda, Z.Z. Yanchuk

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